About Easter Eggsters

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to share a magical Easter tradition with you that is sure to bring fun family memories to your homes each and every year. It all began with a few questions from my daughters: "Who helps the Easter Bunny?", "Where does he live?" and "How does he know who is being naughty and who is being nice?"

Then one morning around Valentine's Day, my girls woke up to find four large Easter eggs. The girls opened the colorful eggs to find a rabbit, a squirrel, a skunk, and a raccoon. In the egg with the skunk, the girls noticed a letter from the Easter Bunny himself!

The letter explained that these animals are his helpers and they are called Easter Eggsters. The girls learned that the Eggsters stay at our home to watch and listen for good or bad behavior. Each night, after everyone goes to sleep, the Eggsters return to the Easter Bunny's workshop in their magical eggs to file their daily reports. On Easter Eve, they make their final reports to the Easter Bunny and then stay with him to help with their busiest night of the year.

Ever since that first visit, our family cannot wait for our Eggsters to return. We look forward to decorating their magical eggs and waking up each morning to see what our Eggsters, Angel, Flopsy, Rosie, and Daisy have been up to the night before.

I want to thank the Easter Bunny for sending his Eggsters to our home as the behavior here has greatly improved. I also want to thank the Easter Bunny for trusting me to write this special book to spread the word about his Easter Eggsters.

Happy Easter to you and your family. I hope it is full of many wonderful memories.